Nuvo 1800

Flexible Compatibility & Style.

  • $11949.00
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Real Flame Nuvo Decorative Gas Fireplace

The Real Flame Nuvo range introduces a room-sealed decorative gas fireplace, crafted to complement modern building styles. With its room-sealed design, it operates smoothly without the need for fixed room ventilation, setting a new standard in fireplace efficiency and safety.

  • Size Options: Available in 1200 and 1800mm to accommodate various spaces.
  • Viewing Styles: Can be configured in 4 distinct viewing styles, catering to different installation types and preferences.
  • Anti-Reflective Glass: Comes standard to enhance the visual appeal and viewing experience.
  • Power Balanced Flue System: Supports up to 50m in length, offering versatile installation options.
  • Fuel Compatibility: Designed for use with Natural Gas, LPG, and ULPG, making it accessible to a broad range of clients.
  • Media Options: Choose from Alpine Forest, Nordic Pine, Redgum & Coals, River Gorge, and Tasman Shoreline to customize the look and feel of your fireplace.
  • Type: Decorative, enhancing the aesthetic of any room while providing warmth.
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