Tiled Heatbank Casing & Heavy Glass Frontage.

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Atika Fireplace

Stay toasty even after the fire burns out with the top-of-the-line Atika fireplace. Enjoy a clean and efficient burn with its ultra-low wood consumption and excellent tiled heatbank casing, sealed in by the heavy full glass door for added warmth. Let natural convection circulate warmth throughout your home and bask in the radiant heat for hours to come, supporting overnight burn capacity.

  • Heating Capacity: 240 m2
  • Emissions: 0.8 g
  • Ember Retention: 8+ hrs
  • Wood Usage: 1.8 kg/hr
  • Efficiency: AUS 67% / EU 82%
  • Weight: 188 kg
  • Height: 1481 mm
  • Width: 575 mm
  • Depth: 494 mm
  • Heatbank Option: Included
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