Aeris Hanging

Contemporary Hanging, Unique & Fully Adjustable.

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Aeris Contemporary Fireplace

Designed to revolutionize the concept of fireplaces within modern interior design, the Aeris contemporary fireplace is a suspended, adjustable piece that marries functionality with elegance. Its adjustable hanging pole and 360º rotation feature allow it to blend seamlessly into any interior, ensuring your heating solution doesn't detract from the style of your home.
Features & Specifications
  • Mounting bracket at 2.5cm (1” in) high
  • Hanging Pole at 142cm (56” in) high
  • Cocoon at 38cm (15” in) high
  • Units can rotate 360 degrees
  • Combustion Chamber Capacity: 1.5 liters (Burns Up to 5 hours)
  • Main body: Diameter 60cm (23.7” in), Height 38cm (15” in)
  • Adjustable Hanging System:
    • Mounting Plate: Diameter 19cm (7.5”in), Height 2.5cm (1”in)
    • Adjustable Hanging Pole: 6 height positions, Full extension 142cm (56” in), with various height adjustments including the full extension at 182.5cm (72” in)
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