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Wood Heating Kratki

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  • Lucy 16
    An Insert for all whom are interested in maximum heat performance. The modern technological structure guarantees efficiency and enables problem free operation and cleaning.
  • MB 120 Guillotine
    This top of the range, highly valued and uncompromisingly creative insert design is a real compliment to modern architecture. Its high output is sufficient to heat the whole home. The sliding (guillotine) door is a perfect solution for safety in accessing the fire within. Due to the width of this fireplace, the lengths of logs is no longer an issue. The MB 120 will be the ‘wow factor’ that will catch the eye of anyone who enters your home. Considered one of the best fireplaces in Europe, this insert is not only the widest, but arguably the best on the Australian market.
  • Mila 16 Tunnel Guillotine
    The unique and beautiful double sided design is a great focal feature and an innovative way of either breaking up a large space whilst maintaining visual flow and light within the space or connecting two spaces together. This insert is able to heat and aesthetically enhance either side of the wall its placed within. The ingenious technical advancement of having guillotine doors on either side of the fireplace make it effortless to use time and time again.
  • Nadia 14 Guillotine
    Another great fireplace insert from Kratki available in several finishes and all with impeccable guillotine sliding doors. The large firebox provides optimal heating capacity coupled with easy wood loading. The ability to choose between the straight and corner designs allows it to integrate within any living space whilst becoming the unique focal point of any room.
  • Koza AB/S/2
    This fireplace sets the bar for modern cylindrical heating. The large firebox and external air supply are accompanied by a cast iron grate and accumote (ceramic) lining for better heating performance. Logs up to 500mm in length can be placed within this fireplace, allowing for a longer burning time. Its high heat output will comfortably warm any home.
  • NBC 800/400
    This fire place brings cozy radiant heat directly into your home whilst being cost efficient and environmentally conscious.
  • NBU 500/700
    Three-sided glazed NBU insert has a unique aesthetic and exceptional functionality. The singular decorative glass visually enlarges the front of the insert and emphasizes the view of the fire. Apart from these visual effects, the insert guarantees efficient heating and ecological wood combustion.
  • Flamingo Deluxe
    The flamingo DELUXE combustion system is an embodiment of perfection. Air supply is provided centrally from the rear part of the wood stove. Ash creation is minimal. The entire combustion process is controlled using two draw bars. The first regulates the primary air intake that is necessary for lighting up and getting the wood burning. The second draw bar helps support secondary combustion, i.e. the combustion of gases. Opening up this second draw bar directs the preheated tertiary air into the upper part of the firebox by means of the top deflector plate. This air is then used to achieve the most economical and efficient form of wood combustion possible, whilst providing beautiful flames and a clean glass. Correct chimney draught is required to ensure proper combustion and can be achieved by placing a regulator on the flue pipe or by using a chimney damper
  • Amelia
    Contemporary, high-performance, cast iron insert. Given a large number of design possibilities, it will be suitable for all types of interiors: classical or modern.
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