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Euro Fireplaces

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    As leading and professional home heating suppliers the experts at Sydney Home Energy Solutions proudly stock only the best products and heaters on the market. Not only supplying heaters and fireplaces designed and built in Australia, Sydney Home Energy Solutions has a wide range of Euro fireplaces and Euro wood fires and heaters available for purchase and installation.

    Renowned for their innovative and expressive designs, combined with efficient and effective functionality, Sydney Home Energy Solutions proudly has a wide selection of unique and expressive Euro fireplaces that can heat your home and are ready for installation.

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    Our collection of advanced Euro fireplaces includes:

    • Buller
    • HAAS + SOHN
    • Andorra
    • Falun Steel
    • Ceramic Walled Heaters
    • Fireplace Inserts
    • Milano Line

    At Sydney Home Energy Solutions we know that our customers have a unique vision for their home’s interior. Thanks to their modern and streamlined aesthetics our collection of Euro fireplaces and Euro wood heaters are sure to be a point of pride in your home.

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    For more information about why you should definitely consider a Euro fireplace in your place give our helpful and passionate team a call today on 02 4721 4405.

  • Haas + Sohn Line


    Get the home heating system that not only keeps you warm, but also adds warmth to your home thanks to the stylish and modern heating solutions and products stocked by the leading team at Sydney Home Energy Solutions.

    Known for stocking both the best local and internationally-produced gas, wood, and electrically-heated heaters our team can ensure that our customers have access to the more efficient and effective systems that are aesthetically pleasing and keep the temperature up inside when it drops outside.

    To provide our customers with a wealth of choice Sydney Home Energy Solutions has a range of Haas + Sohn Line heaters that includes the:

    • Olbia
    • Uppsala

    Combining the latest designs, with efficient wood storage, our fireboxes ensure that you can heat the home to your tastes and comfort. Consult with our experts today by calling 02 4721 4405.

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