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Wood Heating

Wood Heating Models
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    European Fireplaces – Top quality heaters

    Invigorating the world of Australian wood-heating with an extensive range of stylish, modern, ultra-low emissions, European fireplaces are efficient and stylish wood heaters. you will benefit from investing in a quality fireplace, which can add a touch of sophistication to any home.

    The fireplaces are built on the long European tradition of sustainable heating with wood. They are highly efficient, environmentally friendly and do not require electric fans to produce and distribute the heat. European fireplaces heat your home through radiant heat and the process of natural convection.These methods of heating combined with heat bank technology ensures that you harvest every bit of energy from the wood you burn, with efficiency of up to 80 per cent. For the best wood heaters, call Sydney Home Energy Solutions today on 02 4721 4405

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    Wide range of wood heaters

    If you’re tired of looking for an efficient means to keep yourself warm, you won’t have to worry again! Our wood log are perfect for the chilly winter months. At Sydney Home Energy Solutions, our range of wood heaters are stylish, offer ultra-low emissions and the greatest efficiency. You won’t be disappointed with our variety of high quality and stylish heating solutions. We guarantee you’ll find the most suited wood heater for your home at Sydney Home Energy Solutions.

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