Installation of the appliance is the key to its performance and meeting the product promise.

Wood Log Fires:

Installation of purchased appliances at Sydney Home Energy Solution is simply a pleasure as it is complemented with old fashioned service.

What it means is that Sydney Home Energy Solution has an appointed qualified Plumber, as a Builder’s Consultant on their books. His Job description is to assist any purchasers with onsite inspection, support for their builder’s or Carpenter’s or Plumber’s before and during their installation process, to ensure a smooth and trouble free correct installation. Correct installation is the key for optimum performance, and meeting the product promise. This support staff is available for all Gas/Wood fire products, Hot waters and Cooking Appliances.

This service provides a peace of mind for customer’s and their Builder’s. There are, if any, very few retail outlets with this in-house facility.

air conditioner services

The best air conditioner may not give you the best comfort if it is not properly installed. The product is of no use if it cannot bring a soothing smile on your face. And that’s where Sydney Home Energy Solutions score! Irrespective of whether you require installation in apartment, villa or duplex, we are always ready to help you out with the perfect solutions. This is perhaps the prime reason why we are one of the best air conditioning companies in Sydney.

Our skilled technicians have the right balance of technical know how and industrial knowledge, which makes them capable of installing all types of air conditioners from the topmost brands. Our ultimate aim is to ensure a cozy environment, whether you are at work or at home.

Approach us for air conditioning solutions and avail premier service from our experts.

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