Nadia 14 Guillotine

Another great fireplace insert from Kratki available in several finishes and all with impeccable guillotine sliding doors. The large firebox provides optimal heating capacity coupled with easy wood loading. The ability to choose between the straight and corner designs allows it to integrate within any living space whilst becoming the unique focal point of any room.

Colour: Black
Heat output: 14KW
Measurements: HxWxD – 920,5x979x445 mm
Options: Left corner glass, Right corner glass, Front glass
  • Smooth operating sliding doors
  • Sizeable firebox
  • Beautiful accumote (ceramic) lining
  • Corner variety creates a unique visual focal point for any room
  • 5 year warranty
Technical Info
Nominal Power 14 kw
Stove efficiency 80 %
Weight of fireplace 268 kg
Smoke flue diameter 200 mm
Log length 50 cm
CO emissions (at 13% O2) 0.09 %
Average flue gas temperature 245 °C

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