The Jas insert fireplace is designed with crisp, modern lines and has a 4mm boiler plate steel construction. It displays improved performance and strength with an Accumote lined combustion chamber and baffle plate (ceramic panel internal lining), which serves the flames in their full glory, due to the white walls reflecting the light. Even when there are only coals left the illumination is spectacular.

Colour: Black
Heat output: 7KW
Measurements:HxWxD – 450x676x306 mm
  • The body front and cartridge are made of steel sheets, are designed for operation at elevated temperatures
  • The door mounted with heat-resistant to withstand temperatures up to 800
  • Control the flow of primary air for combustion
  • Accumote internal lining for enhanced performance
Technical Info
Nominal Power 7.o kw
Stove efficiency 71 %
Weight of fireplace 79 kg
Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
Log length 40 cm
CO emissions (at 13% O2) 0.15 %
Average flue gas temperature 316 °C

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