The perfect fireplace insert for a hydronic heating system. The material and technologies used create an efficient, economical and ecological heater. Due to its high efficiency and low level of CO emissions, this product is a No 1 choice in its category.

Colour: Black
Heat output: 16KW
Measurements: HxWxD – 605x358x778 mm
  • Made of heat-resistant steel with a thickness of 5 mm.
  • Cuts steel parts laser and bent on CNC bending machine.
  • The body welding robot welded with inert gas, which ensures high quality welds.
  • The heat resistant ceramic glass resistant to temperatures up to 800 ° C.
  • Special build a water jacket ensures efficient use of heat and thus achieves high efficiency fireplace insert.
  • Double control the exhaust duct:1) The upper valve to regulate the chimney draft. 2) Lower valve to regulate the Firestarter and modes of operation.
  • External air supply as standard with a diameter of 125 mm – preparing for fresh air from outside.
  • The combustion chamber lined Acumotte material – material that accumulates heat, thereby increasing the temperature in the combustion chamber and improves combustion parameters.
  • The two deflectors (steel and Vermiculite) the extension of the runway flue gas.
  • Built cooling spiral – a special copper pipe system prevents overheating.
  • Warranty five years.
Technical Info
Nominal Power 16 kw
Stove efficiency 84.4 %
Weight 312 kg
Smoke Flue Diameter 200 mm
Log Length 55 mm
CO emissions (at 13% O2) 0.1 %
Average flue gas temperature 204 °C
Water Capacity 88 Ltr
Output into the Water 10.8 KW

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