Contemporary, high-performance, cast iron insert. Given a large number of design possibilities, it will be suitable for all types of interiors: classical or modern.

Internal deflector,8mm thick walls and cast iron ribbing on the outside of the firebox are helping to maximize the heat exchange via air convection.

Colour: Black
Heat output: 25KW
OPTIONS: Tunnel, Quatro glass
  • The cartridge housing is made of cast iron class 200, a minimum wall thickness of 8 mm
  • Built-in damper, which allows you to adjust the chimney draft
  • The deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path
  • 5 year warranty
Technical Info
Nominal Power 25 kw
Stove efficiency 75 %
Weight 205 kg
Smoke Flue Diameter 200 mm
Log Length 50 mm
CO emissions (at 13% O2) 0.22 %
Average flue gas temperature 308 °C

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